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Writing Wardrobe

Let’s face it.  Writing has always been seen as a punishment as in elementary school, “I will not talk” tweny times and as a dreaded task through our young adult schooling-pulling allnighters to write a twenty page paper. I wanted to do something for my kids to see that writing can be fun and can be something you look forward to instead of dread.  You may have always sat at a particular computer in your college computer lab, or always worn a comfy sweatshirt/sweatpants, or put your hair up in a particular way to write…I know I did.  Just like an athlete doesn’t wash their smelly socks before a game, I had a sweatshirt I wore as I sat down to read a good book or spend a long night in the dorm writing a paper.  So, why should my first graders be any different?

As I was thinking of ways to engage them in writing and cultivating little authors, a friend of  mine posted on facebook that she was having a hard time getting rid of some clothes, accessories, etc.  I immediately thought of my kids and how I could use these clothes to inspire them to write.  I introduced them to the concept of having a “writing wardrobe.”  Something that helps them think, that inspires them to write, that they can fidget with and touch whenever they want to feel “smart,”etc  They totally believe it! Now whenever we sit down to write, they need their “writing wardrobe.”  It is so cool to watch my boy rubbing the arm of his aviator glasses, or my Artist put the purse on her shoulder, or my ADD like boy wrap himself with a sarong…it really does work to calm them down and focus.  Thanks to the clown nose, feather boa, and floppy hat that my friend threw in, “Writey Wiley” comes out every once in a while to check on the kids;)  They love it and I love seeing them write and write and write and write….



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