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I registered my classroom to be adopted by potential donors. And, I’ve already been adopted!  Sometimes you just have to stop making up the stories in your head that say, “People are tired of having you ask for money,” or “People can’t give at this time in our economy.”  There are people out there who care about children, education, and teachers who make it work with what they have.  It’s nice every once in a while to not have to be flexible, make it work, deal with second-hand items for the kids, but show the kids that they are worthy of having the best and it’s all just for them.  If you’d like to make a donation to my classroom or any other, you with have instant gratification because teachers do not delay in getting what they need for their students.  And, you will know right where your money is going.  And no cash changes hands.  It goes into an account that the specific teacher can then access to shop with predetermined vendors.  Check it out!


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Day 1: A Room of My Own

I got to go into my own classroom today!

I worked so hard and dreamed of this day for years.  I thought I would jump out of bed (like Meryl Streep portraying Julia Child in Julie & Julia, just joyous for life and jumps out of bed looking forward to cooking).  Instead, I was reflective and quiet.  I should have known it was a sign that I was going to get emotional.  Sure enough, on the way to the school on the LSD, I totally bawled when the radio starting to play U2’s “It’s a Beautiful Day.”  I was bawling and singing at the top of my lungs, I WAS SO HAPPY.  I’ll never forget that moment.  It’s going to be my “first day of school” anthem song as well as my “cross the start line @ the marathon” song.

I took a few pictures of the classroom.  I was naive to think I could tackle this and at least have my learning center areas designated and the student desks laid out.  I spent a few hours there today and it still looks the way it did when I went in this morning!  The only change is that it now smells like Fabuloso’s Lavender scent because I cleaned most of the furniture.  Will always love that smell…reminds me of my childhood.

I just spent a couple of hours clicking through Scholastic’s website, which is a great resource for new teachers. My favorite tool is the classroom set-up tool.  It’s a virtual layout tool that helps you design your classroom.  It helped me organize all the seating chart options I had in  my head and see how it works in relation to the furniture, shape of the room, windows, bulletin boards, chalkboard (and whiteboard!), storage/closet space, etc.  I was debating between having students sit in rows and having them assigned to a desk on the first day.  After using the classroom set-up tool (and talking to another wonderful teacher/friend/mentor), she helped me see that sitting in rows doesn’t reflect my teaching philosophy of cooperative learning, taking responsibility for learning, sharing, building community, etc. Most importantly, the first day of school is stressful and can be isolating.  Sitting individually (being your own island) and trying to find your nametag can be stressful.  Instead, I am going to do group seating and let them sit wherever they want for the first few weeks.  I could also design my room using a the free, printable seating chart.

Here’s to Day 1 of turning my room into a classroom with class.  I can’t wait to see how far I get tomorrow!

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