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For the first time today, I was able to single-handedly meet with all three of my reading groups and keep the other children independently working and on task.  And, the Assistant Principal walked in while I was meeting with one reading group.

My Frail Flower (a.k.a Hypochondriac who stated “her knees were sensitive today”) came up to me, gave me a waist high hug and said “I learn from you, Mrs. Woodbury, a lot!”  My heart melted at such a sweet moment.  Determined to make every moment count and teachable, if that is a word, I said, “Thank you so much for the compliment.  Do you know what a compliment is?”  My Frail Flower responded, “No.”  Classic!  I explained that it is when you say something nice about someone else.  She gave me a toothless, weak in the knees smile and I melted again…sigh.


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