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This week marks the halfway point in the 2nd quarter and progress reports will be distributed to parents on Wednesday.  I feel like a Manager with 18 employees and I’m giving each employee their evaluation on Wednesday. It’s a bit nerveracking, especially since I don’t feel like I’ve been a good Manager.  Ugh!  I just remember this idea of being the perfect teacher who along with the student and parent would help the child reach their fullest potential.  There would be constant communication between me and the parent.  I would inform the parent of the child’s progress, develop individualized lesson plans for each child, be able to sit with children who need more one-on-one attention or be retaught a concept.  But, it is indescribable just how  much work it is to keep up with each children’s academic progress.  It’s like doing 18 lesson plans EVERY DAY for up to 7 different subjects.  Just writing this down makes my chest feel tight!  My goal is to be able to distribute my own little “heads up” your kid is struggling note a week or two prior to progress reports so that my parents are not surprised and we can work together to develop a remediation plan of some sort.  If anyone reading this has any ideas on a system to periodically and effortlessly inform parents of their child’s progress, let me know.  I could use all the advise and techniques I can get!


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Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunites, Threats…Business 101 and for me, the best way to provide a snapshot to parents of how their child is performing in 1st grade at the end of the first quarter.  Except the last T won’t be called “threat” but “Teacher/Parent next steps.”  The template is so simple ( a box divided into four even squares, each one labeled with an S, W, O, T) and helps me not feel so overwhelmed with all the information I want to capture on each student.  It helps me KISS – Keep It Simple Sally! Who knows maybe I’ll end up writing creative briefs on each of my kids!!! ha

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