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Tackling the Library

My classroom is still a work in progress.  I’m taking it one corner at a time.  I identified my priorities as the classroom library and student center.  If nothing else, I want to have those two areas ready to go.

This week, my goal is to create a welcoming, comfy, kid-friendly, well-cataloged classroom library.  I have been lucky enough to inherit piles of books as well as given donations (which I’m still taking so please keep me in mind for any books you want to give away).  I did a lot of online research to see how other teachers have organized their libraries.  This website really helped me as did this blog.

I’m excited to get started tomorrow and look forward to having some “after” pictures posted by this time next week!


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I found out that my classroom had been a storage room for the last two years.  There were so many books piled up that I didn’t know what to do with!  I’m not sure how to go through them.  I don’t know my kids’ reading levels, yet, or what makes sense to keep.  I know I’ll need to have books for all levels of readers, but not sure what screening criteria to use!  Help!  Anyone?

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