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Report card pick-up day/parent-conference day was last Wednesday.  I had a chance to meet a parent of each of my children.  Surprisingly, most of them asked what “Chit Chat Circle Time” was.   I explained that at the end of the day, we spend 10 minutes in a circle on the rug chatting about things that happened to us that day.  What we liked, what we did not like.  I take this time to praise children who demonstrated good character/citizenship during the day.  I take the time to review homework for the day, any expectations for a field trip or an assembly that might be happening the next day, review a concept such as “Read to Self” or “Ways to Read a Book,” pass out forms/worksheets/anything that is going home that day, you name it we do it during Chit Chat Circle Time.  Come to find out from the parents, their kid doesn’t seem to remember anything else they did at school except Chit Chat Circle Time!  Makes me laugh when I think about it.  After all, I spend so much time trying to make Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Spelling interesting and fun with games, cheers, etc. and, yet all they can seem to remember and the highlight of their day is Chat Chat Time!  Go figure!  Goes to show us all, kids just want to be heard:)  And they just want stickers!  Lots of stickers!  Who knew?!


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