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Drives Me Batty!

This is a picture of our 1st grade board in the hall decorated last month with a Halloween theme.  The bats were made by the kids using their own hands.  Some look more like tarantulas than spiders, but  you get the idea.  Anyway, the reason for this post is not to talk about the board but it’s a good segway into what I really want to talk about which is the child in the class that drives me BATTY!!!

He is constantly interrupting and gets hung up on things very easily.  He needs to know what is going to happen next and next and next and next.  With a morning meeting, a first, then, and next approach in my mini-lesson instruction, visual signals between him and me that redirect him without interrupting instruction for the whole class, I’m hoping this will improve.

Part of me feels extremely guilty and that I am doing this child and others a disservice by not challenging them enough.  He is obviously bored and wild for alternative activity.  Yet, I am learning along with him in a big way and am still finding ways to differentiate instruction for him as well as the child who is repeating first grade and keeps on saying “I read that already” and the few children who state “I’m done” 5 seconds after I give them a classwork assignment!!!


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